Deaf Lottery Predictions

Win and choose your own prize from 4 amazing 1st prize options worth $800,000 plus $28,500 in additional prizes. With luxury prizes it will be difficult to choose just one… from a luxurious new home to a dream car to traveling around with your own motorhome or caravan to designing your own dream lifestyle and escape to anywhere your heart desires. In the process you will be supporting Deaf Services which is providing support to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians across all age groups.
Buy Tickets
1 ticket- $2
5 tickets- $10
10 tickets: $5,000 Gold Bullion- $20
15 tickets: $10,000 Gold Bullion- $30
25 tickets: $20,000 Gold Bullion- $50
50 tickets: $30,000 Gold Bullion- $100
100 tickets: $30,000 Gold Bullion- $200
Tickets can be purchased via the website or the Oz Lotteries app
Option 1- Turn $800,000 into a newly built luxurious home.
Option 2- Hit the road with a new car and use the rest to spend anything your heart desires.
Option 3- Travel in luxury and comfort in your own caravan or motorhome and spend left over cash on
     your new lifestyle.
Option 4- Design your own perfect lifestyle prize and escape to anywhere you desire.
There are 115 prizes to be home, with the total prize pool valued at $828,500.
1st prize Option 1- $700,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
2nd prize Option 2- $750,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
3rd prize Option 3- $700,000 max gold, $20,000 max cash.
4th prize Option 4- $700,000, max gold, $20,000 max cash.
2nd prize- $2,500.
3rd prize- $1,500.
4th-5th prizes- $1,000.
6th-10th prizes- $500.
11th-110th prizes- $100.
Early Bird draw- 5 x $2,000.
15 October 2020
Checking & Claiming
Winners will be contacted telephonically and will also be notified via email.
If you win prizes will be deposited into the Members Oz Lottery account and locked in accordance with the timeframes specified- usually 21 days.
Prizes above $100,000 which are not Division One or jackpot prizes may be locked up to 8 days after the draw.
Payments can be made to you via: Bank transfer
        : Cheque withdrawal
        : PayPal
Winners have 10 days from the day of the draw to decide which prize option they wish to take.
$2- $200
Added Features/Info
The Deaf Lottery is run by Deaf Services, a leading non-profit organisation that offers support to Australians of all ages who are deaf or hard of hearing. They run effective community programs and services that help deaf people to achieve independence and thrive. Programs include:
            – Education
            – interpreting
            – Hear for kids
            – Aeging well services
            – Lifestyle support service
            – CommUnity
There is an extra $10,000 in Early Bird prizes to be won for purchases of$20 or more consecutive tickets.
Buy before 20 September 2020 for automatic entry into the Early Bird draw.

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