Lotto Strike Predictions

Lotto Strike is an add-on game that can only be played when you buy an entry in a Lotto draw on Monday. Wednesday or Saturday and has a minimum prize of $100,000. The first 4 balls drawn in the corresponding Lotto draw are the winning Lotto Strike numbers. The jackpot prize grows until it reaches $2 million when it is capped until it is won. The other popular Oz Lotteries include: Super 66 and Oz Saturday Lotto
How To Play
1. Choose which draws you would like to enter.
2. Choose either quick pick where numbers are chosen for you by the computer or pick your own.
3. Choose your numbers- 4 numbers
How to win
To win a prize in Lotto Strike, in a single game panel you must match the correct order that the winning numbers were drawn in the corresponding Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto draw.
Lotto Strike is a jackpotting game so if there are no Division One winners, it jackpots to the next draw. If you only match 1, 2, 3 or the initial 4 Lotto balls in the similar order drawn you will also win
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 AEST
Checking & Claiming
The draw is broadcast over different tv channels every Saturday night at 7:30 AEST.
Results will be available via the website, in-store or on the app.
Prizes can be claimed online or in-store depending on your prize amount and where you bought your ticket.
Prizes less than $1000 can be claimed at your local participating outlet.
Prizes of $1000 or more check with your participating retailer or submit a prize claim form.
Two types of tickets are provided:
Standard– similar to regular six digit Saturday Lotto ticket. The difference is that you just select 4 digits
     from 45. The price for each standard Lotto Strike game is $1.50.
Boxed– covers all likely systems of any 4 digits. This equal 24 regular games and costs $36.
Added Features
Any extra prize money produced above the capped $2 million is stored in a Prize Reserve Fund which then tops up the following prize for Lotto Strike after the jackpot is won.