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Oz Lotto - 07/10/2022

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Are you Australias next big winner?

With easy game play and 7 prize divisions with a guaranteed Division One prize pool of $2million every week- make you sure you don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. Oz Lotto has been running for  over 23 years with huge fun every Tuesday night. Even more beneficial for weekly players is that if the prize money isn’t won this week it carries over to the next draw.

How To Play

To play a standard entry you need to select 7 numbers 1-45 in each game panel.

1.Standard entry– choose quick pick: easiest way to play, choose how many games you want to play and  

  numbers are randomly generated for you.

                            – choose marked entry: choose how many games you want to play.

                                                                  : 18 games in-store or 50 online or on the app.

2.System & Quick Pick entries– give you more opportunities to win as well as win across multiple


                               System entry– gives you the option to play more than the standard 7 numbers.

                                                     – choose from 8-20 numbers.

Pick entry– guarantees you either 1 or 2 winnings numbers, giving you more     

chances to win.

3.Advanced entries– Once you`ve selected your entry type, choose the draws and number of weeks you

            want to play for.

          – Advanced entry: allows you to play into a future draw- up to 10 weeks.

          – multi-week entry: lets you play your entry across multiple draws- up to 10

            consecutive draws.

          – Subscription: allows you to enter every draw automatically so you don`t miss out.


Oz Syndicates are also available whereby a group of players work together to increase their chances of winning by pooling your money together to buy a bigger entry- giving you more opportunities to win. If your syndicate wins the prizes are shared between all syndicate members. You can start your own syndicate or join an existing pool.

How to win

Your entry needs to match all 7 winning numbers in a single game panel with the 7 winning numbers from the draw.

You can also win a prize for 3 winning numbers plus 1 supplementary number in a single game.


Takes place every Tuesday evening at 7:30 AEST

Checking & Claiming

The draw is broadcast over different tv channels every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7:30 AEST.

Results will be available via the website, in-store or on the app.

Prizes can be claimed online or in-store depending on your prize amount and where you bought your ticket.

On-line or App purchases: prize money will be paid into the same bank account used for purchase.

                                              : Paid into your online lottery account- 2 week waiting period.

In-store purchases: Less than $1500- claimed at retail outlet.

                                 : $1500 and over- claimed by post with claim form.

                                 : 1st/Jackpot prize- claimed by post with claim form- 2 week waiting period.

You also have the option to claim your prize in person, subject to terms and conditions.


Mini- 9 standard game entry- $11.90

Regular: 12 Game standard entry- $15.90

Super: 18 Game standard entry- $23.80

Mega: 24 Game standard entry- $31.80

Jumbo: 36 Game standard entry- $47.60

Maxi: 50 Game standard entry- $66.20

Added Features

Meet Oz- the Oz Lotto mascot has been given a new look but still the same awesome game delivering jackpots every Tuesday.