Oz Saturday Lotto

This is the lotto that makes the most millionaires due to the approximately $4 million Division One prize pool every Saturday along with regular Superdraw events offering approximately $20 million plus. The other popular Oz Lotteries include: Super 66 and Oz Powerball

A fantastic opportunity to join the other 117 Division One millionaire winners.

How To Play

To play a standard entry you need to select 6 numbers 1-45 in each game panel.

1.Standard entry– choose quick pick: easiest way to play, choose how many games you want to play and  

  numbers are randomly generated for you.

                            – choose marked entry: choose how many games you want to play.

                                                                  : 18 games in-store or 50 online or on the app.

2.System & Quick Pick entries– give you more opportunities to win as well as win across multiple


                               System entry– gives you the option to play more than the standard 6 numbers.

                                                     – choose from 7-20 numbers.

Pick entry– quarantees you either 1 or 2 winnings numbers, giving you more     

chances to win.

3.Advanced entries– Once you`ve selected your entry type, choose the draws and number of weeks you

            want to play for.

          – schedule and advanced entry: allows you to play into a future draw- up to weeks.

          – multi-week entry: lets you play your entry across multiple draws- up to 10

            consecutive draws.

          – Subscription: allows you to enter every draw automatically so you don`t miss out.


Syndicates are also available whereby a group of players work together to better their chances of winning by pooling your money together to buy a bigger entry- giving you more chances to win. You can start your own syndicate or join an existing pool.

How to win

Your entry needs to match all 6 winning numbers in a single game panel.

You can also win a prize for 1 or 2 winning numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers in a single game.


Takes place every Saturday at 8:30 AEST

Checking & Claiming

The draw is broadcast over different tv channels every Saturday night at 8:30 AEST.

Results will be available via the website, in-store or on the app.

Prizes can be claimed online or in-store depending on your prize amount and where you bought your ticket.

On-line or App purchases: prize money will be paid into the same bank account used for purchase.

                                           : Paid into your online lottery account- 2 week waiting period.

In-store purchases: Less than $1500- claimed at retail outlet.

                               : $1500 and over- claimed by post with claim form.

                               : 1st/Jackpot prize- claimed by post with claim form- 2 week waiting period.


Regular: 12 Game standard entry- $8.60

Super: 18 Game standard entry- $12.90

Mega: 24 Game standard entry- $17.20

Jumbo: 36 Game standard entry- $25.80

Maxi: 50 Game standard entry- $35.90

Added Features

Play quick pick combos for more chances to win on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Regular combo- 12 game standard entry for all 3 days and costs $23.20

Super combo- 18 game standard entry for all 3 days and costs $34.70

Mega combo- 24 game standard entry for all 3 days and costs $46.40

Jumbo combo- 36 game standard entry for all 3 days and costs $69.40

Maxi combo- 50 game standard entry for all 3 days and costs $96.50