Lotto India Predictions

What is Lotto India?
Lotto India is a very popular draw game from India and it is the first online national lottery game in India. What seperates Lotto India from other lotteries is the fact that it is not restricted by state lines since it is an online lottery and this is one of the main reason why is it is extremely popular. The lottery has two weekly draws and the jackpot prizes can be huge with Bumber draws. Lotto India is quite affordable to play as a single ticket costs about 40 rupees per entry. Jaldi 3 still remains the most popular India Lottery.

How to play Lotto India?
In order for you to play Lotto India, you must select a total of six numbers from a number range of 1 and 50, you also need to choose one joker number from a number range of 1 and 5. In order for you to win the jackpot, you must match all the seven numbers including the joker ball you will win the jackpot. Besides the jackpot, you can also win 42.61 rupees by matching between two and five numbers, also if you match the joker ball you will win a free bet on a future draw.

When are the Lotto India draws conducted?
Lotto India has two weekly drawings which take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 5.00 PM (IST).
Who can bet on the Lotto India?
Since Lotto India is an online draw game, it is available to play for people from all over the world and draws are being held two times a week.
What are the odds of winning Lotto India?
The odds of winning a standard Lotto India draw is about 1 in 80 million.