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Lotto Daily 4pm - 07/10/2022

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At My Lotto Kenya (Lotto Daily), every single day, all participating players have a chance of hitting a jackpot prize. Yes, you heard that right, every single day; there is a chance that you can become a lotto winner! This sounds great isn’t it? Well, to give yourself a chance of becoming a lotto winner, what you need to do is to start playing Lotto Daily today. On this front, there are three ways in which you can start playing and these three methods are explained below.

How it Works

Lotto Daily as can be deduced from its name is a lotto game that’s played daily. The game is a 6/49 game. What this means is that when playing the game, the objective for the player is to pick six possible winning numbers from the 49 presented on the screen. Getting all six numbers correct at the draw automatically means that the player wins the jackpot prize. There is no bonus ball to talk about when it comes to Lotto Daily as such; everything rests with getting the six numbers correct. Worry not though if you fail to get all numbers correct as there are some consolation prizes for those who do not fall far behind. There are three ways that players can start playing Lotto Daily and there are as follows:

  • By SMS
  • SMS WEB to 79007
  • Enter MPesa PIN to authorize a charge of Ksh50 and get your ticket
  • Choose your six numbers and SMS them (separated by comma or space) followed by WEB to 79007
  • Enter MPesa PIN to authorize a charge of Ksh50 and get your ticket

*SMS entry only accepts the minimum stake of Ksh50.

  • By M-Pesa
  • Go to Lipan a MPesa
  • Enter Paybill Number 777000
  • Enter WEB as the Account Number
  • Enter amount between Ksh50-1.000
  • Enter Mpesa PIN to complete transaction and get your ticket
  • Choose your six numbers and enter them separated by comma or space followed by WEB.
  • By Web
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter 6 lucky numbers from 0-49 or click Random Picks to get auto-picked numbers
  • Enter amount between Ksh50-1.000
  • Click PAY NOW
  • Check your phone to authorize MPesa charge
  • Enter PIN to complete transaction

When the Draw is Held

Just as the name states, the draw for Lotto Daily is conducted each and every day.

Lotto Prize Money

The lotto prize money is pooled and increases as more and more player buy their tickets. There is no cap limit as to the amount that the player can win when the jackpot is hit or upon winning one of the consolation prizes.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

There aren’t any bonus and promo perks being advertised at the present moment for Lotto Daily. However, it’s important for players to keep checking the official site as well as the social media handles for any news about upcoming promo perks.

Round Up

The prospect of winning a lottery jackpot is just great. Now imagine having the opportunity to win one every single day! That sounds absolutely incredible isn’t it? Well, at Lotto Daily, players do have such an opportunity to win a jackpot every single day.