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Lotto Mega Jackpot - 07/10/2022

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Lotto Mega Jackpot is one of the products that’s offered at My Lotto Kenya. Just as can be deduced from the name of this lottery, Lotto Mega Jackpot is indeed a MEGA lotto game. Players who play the game and get all the numbers correct will win a massive mega jackpot prize! As the jackpot is pooled, it means that there is no limit as to the amount that the lucky winner can take home. Think of a million – a billion maybe – or even more, you can absolutely take that home playing Lotto Mega Jackpot. Well, to learn more about this jackpot, let’s get to explore it in detail.

How it Works

Lotto Mega Jackpot is a 6/49 game. In simple terms, what this means is that when playing the game, players purchase a lotto ticket with 49 numbers. From the 49 numbers, the objective is to pick any six that they think will be picked during the draw. If those numbers get picked at the draw, then the player will become a Lotto Mega Jackpot winner. To purchase a ticket and start playing, players have to choose anyone of the following options.

  •  By SMS
  • SMS WEB to 79007
  • Enter MPesa PIN to authorize a charge of Ksh50 and get your ticket
  • Choose your six numbers and SMS them (separated by comma or space) followed by WEB to 79007
  • Enter MPesa PIN to authorize a charge of Ksh50 and get your ticket

*SMS entry only accepts the minimum stake of Ksh50.

  • By M-Pesa
  • Go to Lipan a MPesa
  • Enter Paybill Number 777000
  • Enter WEB as the Account Number
  • Enter amount between Ksh50-1.000
  • Enter Mpesa PIN to complete transaction and get your ticket
  • Choose your six numbers and enter them separated by comma or space followed by WEB.
  • By Web
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter 6 lucky numbers from 0-49 or click Random Picks to get auto-picked numbers
  • Enter amount between Ksh50-1.000
  • Click PAY NOW
  • Check your phone to authorize MPesa charge
  • Enter PIN to complete transaction

When the Draw is Held

The draw for the Lotto Mega Jackpot is conducted twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday. The draw is conducted live on the Lotto Live show on K24, Nation TV, Kameme TV, Kass TV and Magharibi. Those who fail to catch the shows can always visit the official My Lotto Kenya page.  

Lotto Prize Money

There is no limit to the amount that a jackpot winner can win playing Lotto Mega Jackpot. This necessitated by the fact that the jackpot is pooled and the prize money increases depending on the number of tickets purchased. Those who fall short in getting all six correct numbers ought to know that they can scoop a consolation prize.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

At the present moment, there isn’t any bonus and promotional perk flighted for Lotto Mega Jackpot, however this shouldn’t discourage players – every now and then, it’s important to check the official site to see if any promos are open. On this front, it’s always great to also regularly check and subscribe to My Lotto Kenya’s social media handles.

Round Up

With no cap limit to the amount that players can win playing Lotto Mega Jackpot, the game just becomes much more appealing to play. This necessitated by the fact that the jackpot prizes may eclipse the crazy figures for as long as more and more players purchase their tickets.