Morocco Loto Predictions

What is the Morocco Loto?
Morocco Lotto better known as the Maroc Loto is a very popular lottery draw in Morocco. The Morocco lotto uses one of the most popular styles in lotto betting, which is the 6/49. What makes this lottery draw popular is the fact that the ticket price is very affordable at 2.5 Dirham which is approximately 0.26 US dollars and most punters can afford it. The lottery draw was launched in the year 1978 and it offers a total of three drawings per week. Maroc Loto offers a minimum guaranteed jackpot for every single drawing. Other popular country lotteries include the Zambian Lottery.
How to play Morocco Loto?
Playing the Morocco Loto is quite easy, you simply need to select a total of 6 numbers from a number range of 1 to 49. When making the selections, you can either choose your own numbers or opt for the Flash feature for random selections, but please note that none of these two has an advantage over the other. Please note that you can win prizes for matching at least 3 numbers. The draw makes use of a bonus number which is used to determine for certain prize tiers and their size.
When are the Morocco Loto draws conducted?
The Morocco loto is drawn thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Who can bet on the Morocco Loto?
Please note that the Morocco Loto can be played only by individuals who are currently residing in Morocco. Online lottery agents currently don’t support the Moroccan game and they don’t offer ticket buying options.
What are the odds of winning Morocco Loto?
This lottery game is a winnable game with odds of winning standing at 1 in 21,701.