Mauritius Lottery Predictions

Mauritius is not only popular as a tourist desitination, but this beautiful country has a lot going including a great national lottery which offers punters an opportunity to win great prizes. What makes the lottery industry in Mauritius great is the sense of security it gives to punters because lottery in Mauritius is fully regulated and legalized.

Lottery in Mauritius dates back to the year 1940 when the first Mauritius Lotto draw was held at L’Hotel de Ville de Rose Hill. Government-run lottery games have been in existence right from 1940. The Lottery Committee was launched under the Gambling Regulatory Act of 2007, which repealed the Gaming Act of 1973.
The licence of Mauritius National Lottery was awarded to Lottotech Ltd in November 2009 by the Gambling Regulatory Authority and the only game authorised by the Board as at date is the lotto 6/40 game. According to lottotech, the Mauritius National Lottery has generated over Rs 4 Billion in sales and this shows how popular lottery is in this country, a total of 180 lucky punters have won jackpot prizes exceeding Rs 1 Million, thats a lot of millionares there.

What are the popular lotteries in Mauritius?
Mauritius Lotto 6/40
The Mauritius Lotto 6/40 is a popular draw game in Mauritius which began on 7 November 2009. In order to play this popular game, you must choose a total of 6 numbers from 1-40, in order for you to win, you must match all the six of your selected numbers with the drawn ones. The draws for the Mauritius lotto 6/40 are held once a week on Saturdays. To win this lotto draw, you must beat the odds of 1 in 3,838,380.

Green Lottery
The Green lottery is a popular draw game in Mauritius which offers you with one weekly draw on Fridays. In order to play, you must select a total of 7 numbers from a number range of 1 – 28 and 1 colour out of 4 on a grid. Please note that this is pool betting and the prizes to be won a parimutiel.

Loterie Vert