Loterie Vert Predictions

Loterie Vert is a lottery that’s enjoyed by many in Mauritius. Loterie Vert is also known as Lottotech lottery and in some instances Loto (note however that Loto is just one of the products offered at Loterie Vert albeit the most popular one hence the usual mix-up between Loterie Vert and Loto). This lottery was founded all the way back in 1940. Since that time, it has grown in stature and is now one of the most popular brands in Mauritius. Just as recent as November 2020, Loterie Vert added a new product to its portfolio dubbed ‘The Football Pools’. The addition of this new product has not just made Loterie Vert a great proposition for lotto lovers but has endeared it even with football fanatics. In this article, we are going to take time in exploring all the products offered at Loterie Vert.

How Loteria Vert Works

Loterie Vert at the present moment offers two types of products that is, Loto and the Football Pools. Below, we are going to check out these two products in detail.

  • Loto

Mauritius Loto is the most popular product from Loterie Vert. This product is just a lottery game similar to any other lottery game players may think of. The Loto game is a 6/40 game in which players have to pick 6 possible winning numbers from a ticket with 40 numbers. If all of the picked numbers end up being picked at the draw, then that means the player would have won the jackpot prize. However, falling short of the 6-figure mark is not something to worry about as there are some consolation prizes up for grabs.

  • The Football Pools

Football Pools were just recently added at Loterie Vert but are now already a fan favourite of many players. With Football Pools, players engage in something that is pretty similar to football betting. However, the events that they have to place bets on are pre-selected. As such, there is no room to pick those events that you think you may have more info about. Once the predictions have been made, the wait starts for the games to begin and if the results correspond to the predictions made, then the player wins a jackpot prize. There are different Football Pools that players may engage in but the thing to note here is that, the difference is in relation to the number of pre-selected events on the ticket.

When the Draw is Held

Loterie Vert runs bi-weekly draws for Loto at the present moment and a weekly draw for The Football Pools.

Loto Prize Money

On its official site, Loterie Vert states that there is no limit to the amount a player can win. For as long as the jackpot pool keeps rising, players can expect to hit whooping jackpots running into many millions.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

Loterie Vert doesn’t have a dedicated bonus and promotional perks handle on its official site. This might mean that there aren’t any bonuses availed to players. However, it’s important for players from time to time to just check on the site as Loterie Vert might offer some rewards for the regular and loyal players.

Round Up

Loterie Vert offers two highly incredible products that is, Loto and The Football Pools. These two products are much loved by players and football fanatics alike hence the reason Loterie Vert is a brand to reckon with in Mauritius. One beautiful thing about Loterie Vert is that there are no cap limits for potential jackpot wins.