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Loto - 26/01/2022

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Loto is arguably the most popular lottery in Mauritius played by thousands of people on each day. Mauritius’ Loto is a 6/40 game. What this simply means is that when looking to play the game, players have to pick 6 possible winning numbers from the 40 presented on the lotto ticket. Loto just like many other lotteries is a game of chance. This necessitated by the fact that the theory of probability of any combination of numbers being drawn is the same. As such, all who players who start their gaming adventure ought to know that their chances of hitting the jackpot (or one of the consolation prizes) are the same regardless of the numbers picked. However, when one has some lucky numbers, it’s just great to play those as they might bring some good luck!

How it Works

In our intro, we alluded to the fact that Loto is a 6/40 game. As such, when looking to start playing the game, players have to purchase the Loto ticket. Once they do, they need to proceed to pick their 6 lucky numbers by shading each with a pencil. Once all that is done, players will have to take their ticket to the official National Lottery retailer who will help generate the Loto ticket.

To spice things up and help the life of the player easier, there are some flexible options that players may take advantage of. These flexible options are as follows:

  • Quick Pick Option: when the player has run out of time to make his predictions or when he is simply not feeling lucky enough, he may summon the luck of the bot and allow the machine to randomly choose the 6 possible winning numbers
  • Multiple Games: it’s possible for players to play multiple combinations at once. Instead of using multiple ballots to play different combinations, you can use a multiple ballot and choose from multiples of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The system will guarantee possible combinations with the chosen numbers.
  • Replay Option: at times, the player might just feel like the numbers from the previous ticket will bring rewards at the next draw. If that’s the case, the player will simply need to request a replay using the previously generated ticket.

When the Draw is Held

The Loto draw is conducted twice a week every Wednesday and Saturday.

Loto Prize Money

The jackpot amount playing Loto is won when the player predicts correctly all the six winning numbers. The jackpot prize for the lottery is not fixed but rather progressive hence it fluctuates depending on whether there are some winners or several draws have been conducted without any winners. Though this is the case, jackpot winners can always expect to scoop a jackpot prize exceeding Rs 14,000,000. There are also some consolation prizes for players who fail to hit the 6-figure point falling short by 1, 2 or 3 numbers.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

At Loto, there is a VIP Program.  Loto will assess all tickets upon every draw and those players who are deemed to be loyal to Loto are upgraded from being standard members into VIP players. Being a VIP player comes with its own set of great perks which include:

  • Access to draw statistics by numbers, combinations and colours
  • The statistics relate to all the draws made since 2009 and are updated every week after obtaining the results of the Loto draw in Mauritius
  • Loto’s monthly newsletter with everything there is to know about the National Lottery including the latest news
  • VIP players entitled to mobile offers
  • There is a possibility of participating in Loto’s many contests and winning many gifts.

Round Up

Simply put, Loto is a great lottery for all lotto lovers based within the confines of the Mauritius borders. Purchasing tickets is easy and fast more so when one considers that there are numerous Loto outlets in most areas across the country.