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Baba Ijebu Enugu Lotto - 22/02/2024

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times

Hot Numbers


4 times


3 times


3 times


3 times


3 times

Take a look at the latest hot and cold numbers for Baba Ijebu Enugu Lotto for the 22/02/2024.

Hot numbers: 49 79 84 31 75

Cold Numbers: 89 59 35 36 39

Our prediction for the Baba Ijebu Enugu Lotto based on these hot and cold numbers is: 59 35 31

Premier Enugu lotto is a lotto draw which is offered by Baba Ijebu Lottery and is popular with punters. Enugu is a Nigerian state and it is not clear why Baba Ijebu named this draw game after this famous Nigerian state. Premier Enugu offers punters with two weekly draws which are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday. The game is a one set draw game whose set consists of a total of 90 numbers and there are several ways for one to play the Premier Enugu game. A Premier Enugu play costs a minimum of N50 and the maximum you can play is N50,000. The other popular Nigeria lotteries include: Baba Ijebu Mark II LottoBaba Ijebu Tota Lotto, and Golden Chance Lottery.

How to play Baba Ijebu Enugu Lotto

Premier Enugu, just like many other games from Baba Ijebu has a total of 4 game types and those game types also has its own variants as well. Available game types include;
For you to be able to play Premier Enugu, you must first visit the Baba Ijebu website on the official Baba Ijebu website and log in. You must then click on the ‘lotto’ link on the main menu and you will be presented with a list of lotto games on the left side of the lotto page, and you must locate the Premier Enugu game from that list. You must then select the game type of your choice together with your preffered numbers from number 1 up to 90. Click ‘Add To Betslip’ and your selections will be added to your betslip, you must then input your stake and place your bet.
When does the Premier Enugu Lotto draw take place?
The Premier Enugu is drawn on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s at 7:45 PM and the draw would have closed at 7:30 PM.