Gamespay Predictions

Gamespay is a Nigerian Lottery site whose main mission is to put smiles on the faces of all gamers. Just how does this online gambling platform strive to achieve its objective? Well, Gamespay allows all players to play fast paying instant and lotto games for the chance to scoop some big payouts. Who wouldn’t wear a smile once a big payout comes his way? Certainly no one. Well, for those looking to carry big smiles at all times, all they need to do is to settle at Gamespay and play all the games offered. In this Gamespay review, we are going to share with all players all there is to know about Gamespay including how to register an account, how to make a deposit and also how to play the games offered. One impressive thing about Gamespay is that it offers trial versions on its games to enable players to test their gaming skills before they start risking their cash! Very reasonable, isn’t it?  

Gamespay Site Overview

As we have already stated, the intention of Gamespay is to put smiles on the face of players. Gamespay did realize that this is only possible if things are kept simple. It is against this background therefore that the Gamespay site comes with simple graphics as well as an overall simple layout. Players can easily see all the navigation buttons once they load the landing page. The site’s simple layout also makes it pretty easy when it comes to navigation. The header tab features navigation buttons directing players to the lottery games, game world, site blog, support platforms as well as the login and signup buttons. The middle part of the site details the games offered as well as provide the list of the most recent winners. Players looking to learn more about the site’s Privacy Policy, Social Responsibility, FAQ, and Disclaimer will find that info on the footer tab.

How to Register for Gamespay

  1. When on the landing page, navigate to the top far right corner and click upon the SIGN UP button
  2. Clicking upon the SIGN UP button will redirect players to the registration page
  3. On the registration page, players are instructed to provide the requested info which include full name, mobile number and email address
  4. When all the info has been provided, conclude the process by clicking upon the REGISTER button to become the latest member at GAMESPAY

How to Deposit

  1. To make a deposit, players first need to load the homepage
  2. On the homepage, click upon MY ACCOUNT button
  3. When redirected to the MY ACCOUNT page, check for the FUND WALLET button
  4. Click upon FUND WALLET button to be redirected to the deposit page
  5. On the deposit page, select the payment method you wish to use from those supported and input the amount you want to deposit
  6. Once done, complete the process by clicking upon the DEPOSIT button  

Games on Offer

Gamespay offers two types of lotto games. These are as follows:

  • Hotpay: Hotpay is a 5/90 lottery game. What this simply means is that the player is tasked with picking five winning numbers from a possible 90
  • Surepay: Surepay is a virtual 5/90 game. Just like the Hotpay, players here need to pick five winning numbers from a possible 90. However, what makes Surepay different is that it is a virtual game (instant play) whose results are known immediately after the player has made his predictions and generated the ticket.


At the present moment, Gamespay is not offering any specials or promotions on its lotto games.

Round Up

Players looking to play simple instant play games as well as lotto games will not go wrong when they settle at Gamespay. One beautiful thing about Gamespay is that it offers trial versions on its games meaning players can acquire gaming skills before they start risking their own money.