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Baba Ijebu Gold Lotto - 22/07/2024

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Baba Ijebu Gold Lotto - 22/07/2024

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times

Hot Numbers


5 times


4 times


3 times


3 times


3 times

Take a look at the latest hot and cold numbers for Baba Ijebu Gold Lotto for the 22/07/2024.

Hot numbers: 12 63 14 24 32

Cold Numbers: 01 02 03 06 13

Our prediction for the Baba Ijebu Gold Lotto based on these hot and cold numbers is: 01 03 24

Golden Chance Lotto from Baba Ijebu is a very popular lotto draw game which offers punters two weekly opportunities of winning amazing prices because it is drawn twice weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays. Golden Chance Lotto offers punters with several game types by which they can play the lotto and one of the most popular game type is the NAP 2. The game is quite affordable to play as you can play for a minimum of N50 and a maximum of N50,000. The other popular Nigeria lotteries include: Baba Ijebu Mark II Lotto, Baba Ijebu Tota Lotto, and Club Master. Other popular country lotteries include the Zambian Lottery.

How to play Golden Chance Lotto

Golden Chance Lotto offers a total of 4 game types which are available when you are playing the lotto draw, these are:
It is important for you to also realise that these game types above also have their own variations, for example, the NAP game type includes (NAP 2, NAP3, NAP4 and NAP5) and all these are played differently. In order for you to play the Golden Chance Lotto, you must visit the official Baba Ijebu website at and click on ‘lotto’ on the main menu. Locate the Golden Chance Lotto game of your choice and select the game type of your choice and select the numbers of your choice from number 1 up to 90. Click ‘Add To Betslip’ and your selections will be added to your betslip, you must then input your stake and place your bet.

When does the Golden Chance Lotto draw take place?

The Premier Gold is drawn on Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 3:45 PM and the draw would have closed at 3:30 PM. See the latest Golden Chance Lotto Result.

Winners Golden Chance Lotto

Winners Golden Chance is a lottery company which operates legally in Nigeria as it is regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), and licenced in every state in which it has a branch office. Winners Golden Chance Lotto was launched about 18 years ago in the year 2005 so they have a wealth of experience in the gambling industry. At the moment, Winners Golden Chance lotto has a total of 7 lotto draws namely;

Golden Moring Dew

Golden Wazobia

Golden Success

Golden Fortune

Golden Igwe 2

Golden Tango

Golden Voguethu

There is quite a number of opportunities to win with Golden Chance Lotto because the company plays a minimum of 4 games per day. There is quite a number of Golden Chance lotto kiosks spread all over Nigeria. Winners Golden Chance lotto tries by all means to incoperate everyone because it offers its customers with convenient ways to play. In order for you to place a bet with Winners Golden Chance, you can either do so online on their online platform, if for some reason you cannot place the bet online, you can place your lotto bets using our USSD short codes. If you are an MTN subscriber: dial *7005#

How to register with Winners Golden Chance Lotto

You are required to Sign Up for a Winners Golden Chance lotto account if you are to bet on their platform. In order for you to register, you must;

Visit the official Winners Golden Chance Lotto at

Click on “Join Us” in the top right hand corner

You then need to fill in the registration form with the following details;

User Name




Date of birth

Refferal code

Click on the red ‘complete registration’ button

A validation code will be sent to the telephone number or (and) the email address used in registering.

How to make a deposit with Winners Golden Chance Lotto

After Signing Up, there is need for you to then make a deposit which will enable you to place your bets. The good thing about Winners Golden Chance Lotto is that there is quite a good number of deposit methods available namely;

Debit cards

Bank Transfer

Interswitch web pay (you can use this medium by clicking on payment on our platform)

Other Payment Platform (Such as Quickteller, Pay stack).

In order for you to make a deposit, you must;

Visit the official Winners Golden Chance Lotto at

Click on ‘Deposit’ on the main menu

Select your preffered payment method

Input the amount you wish to deposit.

Click on the red ‘Pay’ button to confirm your payment.

How to make a withdrawal with Winners Golden Chance Lotto

After you have won, you will need to withdraw your funds and with Golden Chance Lotto, you can claim winnings through a number of ways namely;

Request for Payout on the website

Tender ticket at any of Stands

Tender ticket at any of offices

Please note that the minimum withdrawal is N1000 and all withdrawals are absolutely free.

In order for you to withdraw on the website you must;

Visit the official Winners Golden Chance Lotto at

Get access to your account by clicking on the ‘user’ icon

Click on ‘Payment Request’ because in order to withdraw your money, you need to request a payout

Proceed by entering the amount for a payout request.

Click on the ‘send’ button to confirm your request.

How to play on Winners Golden Chance Lotto

Playing lotto on the Winners Golden Chance platform is extremely easy, you will have to select one or more numbers from 1-90, depending on the Nap type. Permutations allows you to select up to 20 numbers and if you can match 2 or more numbers (depending on the Nap type), then you have won. In order for you to play, you must;

Select a game from the available games

Select Bet type, e.g. perm 2

Decide how you wish to play, Auto Pick (computer selects numbers for you at random) or Manual Pick (you select your preferred numbers from 1-90)

Enter amount (min. N5/ max. N10,000)

Click o the ‘Play’ button

Please note that the prize you win depends on the bet type you choose. Winnings are automatically credited after each draw. There is a total of 7 games a day and each draw at different times; with the first draw at 8:30am and the last at 9:30pm.

Winners Golden Chance Online Platform

Winners Golden Chance has a decent online betting platform which does the job in the sense that you can easily carry out your betting activities without any problems at all. The site was designed using a green colour scheme. The good thing about this site is that it is well navigiable such that it can be easily used by any type of punter. The Winners Golden Chance mobile betting platform is equally great as it allows you to do everything you would on the desktop site. The bonus of using the mobile site is that it is very light on data.Winners Golden Chance has a great mobile App which is available for Android users only.

Winners Golden Chance Customer Care

Winners Golden Chance has an excellent customer support which is extremely helpful and is available on a number of communication platforms 24/7. You can contact Winners Golden Chance using the following communication methods;

Address: 20 Seriki Aro street, Ikeja, Lagos.


Phone: 08182777773