Lotto Mania Predictions

Lotto Mania is a Nigerian lottery which states that its mission is to offer ‘imaginative games that bring fun and dreams into people’s lives’. True to its mission statement, many players over the years have had some fun at Lotto Mania and a lot others have seen their dreams of becoming millionaires turn into reality! This all necessitated by the incredible highly exciting and lucrative lotto games offered at Lotto Mania. Without wasting much of your precious time, we are going to jump into the finer details in this Lotto Mania review as we explore all there is to know about this incredible Nigerian online lottery.

Lotto Mania Overview

The first thing that players will get to see when they choose to play lotto games at Lotto Mania is that the site is pretty appealing on the eye. The blue, orange and white colour palate used in designing the site’s graphics makes the site aesthetically pleasing. Navigation buttons are very much limited as they are only found in the header and footer tabs. This making it easier for the player to navigate around. Players looking for the SIGN UP button as well as RESULTS, FAQ, T&C WINNERS AND CONTACT buttons will need to check the header tab. These same buttons are also present on the footer tab but in addition, players will also see Lotto Mania’s social media handles including supported payment methods. The lotto games offered are located on the middle section of the site.  

How to Register for Lotto Mania

  1. The first step to registering an account is to hit the AGENT SIGN UP button which is located both on the header as well as footer tab
  2. Clicking upon this button will redirect players to the registration page where they will need to input info requested. The info simply relates to personal details, security details and identity verification
  3. When all of the above info has been submitted, the player will need to complete the registration process and will instantly become the latest member at Lotto Mania.  

How to Deposit

  1.  From the landing page, navigate to the header tab and select DEPOSIT button
  2. Click upon the DEPOSIT button to be redirected to the cashing page in
  3. Once on the page, a list of the supported banking method is revealed
  4. Choose your preferred banking method and proceed to make your deposit

Games on Offer

Lotto Mania offers two types of lotto games. These are as follows:

  • 6/80: The 6/80 lotto is a game which allows players to pick the six winning numbers from a possible 80
  • 5/90: The 5/90 lotto is a game which allows players to pick five winning numbers from a possible 90

Players ought to know that payouts are not only paid to those who hit all 6 or 5 correct numbers in the 6/80 and 5/90 lotto games respectively. Those who fall short with one, two or three numbers will also walk away with a little something.


  • At the current moment, there is no running promo at Lotto Mania. However, players ought to know that Lotto Mania does offer some promos here and then hence there is need to constantly check the promo page to see if there are any running promos every now and then.  

Round Up

Lotto Mania is a Nigerian lottery specially established to cater for Nigerian players. Those who have a knack for all things local will definitely find the lotto games offered at Lotto Mania to be a great proposition.