Lotto9ja Predictions

A lottery company created by Nigerians for the enjoyment of Nigerians – this aptly describes Lotto9ja. Lotto9ja is a locally (wholly) owned lottery company that operates in Nigeria. As its target market is Nigeria, Lotto9ja exclusively offers services and products that are loved by Nigerians – talk of highly exciting lotteries and raffles, Lotto9ja has everything in store. When it comes to making deposits, players ought to know that they can use the local currency (naira) to cash in – no need to worry about exchanging local currency for foreign currency before they start their gaming adventures. Just to see how Lotto9ja is truly a Nigerian lottery, let’s get to check out this review in full. 

Site Overview

Nigerians are known for loving colourful stuff and the colour green ranks as the most popular of all. Well, in giving Nigerians what they want, Lotto9ja is dominantly a green site. The middle section is where players get to see a lot of the green colour and it is also this section where players will see all of the lotto games that are currently on offer. When players check the upper part of the screen that is the header tab, they will see a whole host of navigation buttons directing them to the sign up page, language page, replays page, how to play page, contact page, terms and conditions page as well as the privacy policy page. The bottom part of the screen is where players will find info that has to do with Lotto9ja’s physical headquarters and licensing info.   

How to Register

  1. On the homepage, check the top far right corner for the SIGN UP
  2. Click upon the SIGN UP button to be redirected to the registration page
  3. Input your preferred username, password, confirm password and preferred email address
  4. Click the ‘I AGREE to TERMS AND CONDITIONS’ button
  5. Finish the process by clicking on the REGISTER button and you instantly become the latest member at Lotto9ja.

How to Deposit

  1. From the landing page, click on the DEPOSIT button
  2. When done, a list of the support payment gateways is revealed
  3. Choose your preferred payment gateway
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions after you have chosen your preferred payment gateway (note that on-screen instructions differ depending on the payment gateway chosen)  

Games on Offer

Lotto9ja offers a wide variety of lotto games. All of the currently running games will be displayed on the middle section of the site when the player loads the Lotto9ja site. Players ought to know that most of the offered lotto games are 5/49 games. What this means is that players would be required to pick five winning numbers from a possible 49.


  • Lotto9ja favours raffles when it comes to lotto promos. Players therefore will find that most games will come attached to raffles. Players who decide to try their luck on more than one lotto game at once can also benefit from the cash accumulator bonus. The cash accumulator bonus differs depending on the total number of lotto games played at once.  

Round Up

Lotto9ja is a lottery that exclusively offers its services and products to Nigerians. The site is safe and secure for all as it is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria.