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Baba Ijebu VAG Lotto - 07/10/2022

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Premier VAG lotto is a very popular Nigerian lottery game which is part of the Baba Ijebu draw games. This popular draw game has two weekly drawings on Wednesday’s and Friday’s and punters can actually win huge prizes playing Premier VAG. The good thing about Premier VAG is that it offers punters with several ways of game types and this is great because punters have quite a number of options when betting. The minimum stake required for you to play VAG is N50 and the maximum is N50,000.
How to play Premier VAG?
As we have earlier indicated, Premier VAG has quite a huge number of game types and the 4 game types which are available are;
Considering that each game type has its own variations, there is quite a huge number of playing options for playing and this is what makes the Baba Ijebu lotto products unique. In order for you to play the Premier VAG, firstly, you must log in to your Baba Ijebu account by visiting the official Baba Ijebu website at and then click on ‘lotto’ on the main menu, alternatively, you can just use this link There is a list of lotto games on the left side of the lotto page, you must locate the Premier VAG game and select the game type of your choice together with your preffered numbers from number 1 up to 90. Click ‘Add To Betslip’ and your selections will be added to your betslip, you must then input your stake and place your bet.
When does the Premier VAG Lotto draw take place?
The Premier 6 is drawn on Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 3:45 PM and the draw would have closed at 3:30 PM.