Lotto X5 Predictions

If you are a punter living in the UK at the moment, you will be delighted to know that Lottoland UK has a new and exciting offering called Lotto X5 which is exclusive to the UK, so take advantage of the Lotto X5 for a chance to win a million each and every week.
This game is an effort by Lottoland to get more people to play lotto and make a fortune from it and the good thing is that there are five chances to win £1 Million every draw for every single £1 bet you take. The draws for the Lotto X5 are conducted every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and the draw closes at 9:45pm on the day of the draw, so you have no excuses whatsoever for not placing a bet because the draw is reasonably priced and you have ample time to place your bets. Since we have established that there are three weekly draws for the Lotto X5, it basically means that you have 15 chances to be a millionaire every week for just £3. 
The good thing with the Lotto X5 is that it follows the original ‘Lotto’ format so punters will be very familiar with it. When playing the Lotto X5, you must choose six numbers from the number range of 1 to 59. Once the draw has closed, all entries are entered into a multi-prize draw of five £1 million jackpot draws. What happens is that your numbers will first be entered into a multi-tier draw for a chance to win cash prizes from £2 (for matching just 2 numbers) all the way up to £1 million (for matching 6 numbers). After that, your numbers will then be entered into 4 additional jackpot-only draws to win £1 Million.
What makes this lotto game different to the others is that instead of offering rollovers like most lotteries, it gives punters more chances of winning by conducting a total of five draws in the same draw. Please note that the jackpot prize is paramutiel which means that if more than 1 person matches the 6 corresponding numbers for prize tier 1 of any of the five Lotto x5 draws, the prize will be equally shared.
Below is the prize tiers for correctly predicting from 2 – 6 numbers correctly;
Tier     Match               Amount
1         6 Numbers       £1,000,000.00
2         5 Numbers       £1,000.00
3         4 Numbers       £100.00
4         3 Numbers       £10.00
5         2 Numbers       £2.00