UK Pick 3 Predictions

The UK Pick 3 is one of the easiest lotteries you will ever come across because as the name suggests, you only have to pick 3 numbers to win. Pick 3 lets you choose the amount you want to wager, which of course has a bearing on how much you will win in the end. What makes this game very popular is the fact that it gives punters several opportunities to win, with two draws on a daily basis. It is important to note that you can only play Pick 3 online so you will not be able to purchase tickets from retailers. Since this lottery is played online, there is a need to sign up for an online lottery account and this will then enable you to complete the purchase of your entries.

How do you play the UK Pick 3

Playing the Pick 3 is very easy, you simply have to select three numbers between 0 and 9 and honestly it doesn’t get easier than this. The selections for the UK Pick 3 can be done either manually or  by using the Quick Pick feature for random selections. You are also required to choose your preferred Bet Style which shows how the numbers will appear, the bet styles available are;
Bet Style            How to Play
Straight               Pick three numbers in the position you predict they will appear.
Box                     Select three numbers which you predict will all appear in the draw.
Straight/Box        Put your three numbers in the order you think they will be drawn. Half of your bet will be wagered as a Straight and half as a Box.
Combo                Pick three numbers. Each combination of three digits will be entered as a Straight bet.
Pairs                   Play two numbers instead of three.
Below is the information on how to win with each Bet Style;
Bet Type             How to Win
Straight               The numbers you have selected must match up exactly with the three winning numbers. The order has to be correct.
Box                     You win if your three numbers are selected in any order.
Straight/Box        You win the full prize if your numbers match the winning ones in the right order. If they match them in any order, you just win the ‘Box’ portion of your bet.
Combo                If your numbers appear in any order, you win because you have a Straight bet on each different combination.
Pairs                   The two numbers you bet on must match up exactly with the winning numbers in the same positions.
After Selecting the Bet Style of your choice, you must select the amount you wish to stake and the available options are £0.50 or £1 for Straight and Box bets.
When are the UK Pick 3 draws conducted?
The UK Pick 3 is drawn twice on a daily basis at 1:00pm and 6:00pm. 
Who can bet on the UK Pick 3?
Puntersc from the UK and several other locations around the world can participate in this online lottery game.
What are the odds of winning the UK Pick 3?
The fact there are only three numbers to choose from makes the Pick 3 one of the easiest games to win, below are the odds for all prize categories;
Bet Type                    Odds Of Winning
Straight                       1 in 1000
Box (3-way)                1 in 333.33
Box (6-way)                1 in 166.67
Straight/Box (3-way)   1 in 333.33
Straight/Box (6-way)   1 in 166.67
Combo (3-way)*         1 in 333.33
Combo (6-way)*         1 in 166.67
Front Pair                   1 in 100
Back Pair                   1 in 100