6 of 90 Daily Plus Predictions

Many Zambians have shown a penchant of playing games of lottery. The increase in the number of Zambians engaging in lottery has been ascribed to two things in particular. First, there is the fun factor. When playing the lottery, players do so to fulfill an urge while at the same time giving themselves the opportunity to scoop some monetary rewards. Second, lottery is played as an income generating project with the participating players knowing that getting correct numbers will see them receiving something that will take their life forward. One of the most popular lottery games played by Zambians is the 6 of 90 Daily Plus.

How it Works

To start playing 6 of 90 Daily Plus, players have to purchase the ticket. The good news on this front is that the 6 of 90 Daily Plus ticket can be purchased across many platforms online for as long as the lottery site runs on magayo Lotto software. Once players have purchased the lottery ticket, the next thing is to play the game. As 6 of 90 Daily Plus is a 6/90 game, the objective when playing the game is to pick 6 possible winning numbers out of a total of 90. Getting all of these correct will help the player scoop the game’s jackpot prize. However, falling short of the mark is not at all disastrous as there are some consolation prizes for those who fail to hit the mark by a single, two or three numbers.

One thing to note about the 6 of 90 Daily Plus is that it comes with a bonus ball and a super bonus ball. Getting the bonus ball and the super bonus ball correct helps the players to scoop an incredible amount outside of the six numbers. 

When the Draw is Held

The draw when playing 6 of 90 Daily Plus is conducted every single day.

Lotto Prize Money

The 6 of 90 Daily Plus lotto uses the rollover format. What this means is that if the jackpot on Monday is not won, it rolls over into the next day that is Tuesday – as it does, the jackpot amount increases. This cycle continues for as long as the jackpot is not hit on any day. Owing to the rollover format incorporated into the game, there is no cap limit as to the amount of the jackpot that the player can win.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

At the present moment, there aren’t any bonus and promotional perks available for players looking to play the 6 of 90 Daily Plus game.

Round Up

6 of 90 Daily Plus is one of the most popular lotto games in Zambia. When one takes a closer look at this game, its crystal clear why this game is so popular. On one hand, the game is played every single day meaning players have the opportunity to hit a jackpot prize every single day. On the other hand, the jackpot uses a rollover format meaning there is no cap limit to the amount players can win.