Africa Millions Predictions

Africa Millions is a lottery game that’s enjoyed by many in Zambia. The lottery game is played as a 6/90 game. This essentially meaning that the objective when playing the game is to pick six possible winning numbers from a total of 90 numbers. To spice things up, Africa Millions incorporates two bonus balls. There is the standard bonus ball and the super bonus ball. Getting anyone or both of the bonus balls correct is great as it means the total payout will be enhanced significantly. To get to learn more about Africa Millions, let’s venture into the finer details.

How it Works

Africa Millions is a lottery game that punters may partake in online. It doesn’t matter the platform they are using be it the desktop or mobile, the game can still be accessed. When playing the game, the objective is to pick six possible winning numbers from a total of 90 numbers. Owing to this, Africa Millions can be dubbed a 6/90 game. To ensure that the profitability of Africa Millions is further enhanced, Africa Millions incorporated two bonus balls. Getting anyone of the two bonus balls will significantly increase the potential payout from the game. Playing looking to start playing the game ought to know that they can do so via the official Africa Millions site or they can visit any Zambian lottery site that supports the Magayo lotto software.

When the Draw is Held

The draw for the Africa Millions lottery is conducted twice a week. The first draw is conducted on weekends in particular every Sunday. The second draw is conducted during the weekdays every Wednesday. The draw can be watched live on the official site every draw day. However, those who fail to catch the live draw can always view the results on the official site or other lottery sites that display lotto results for all lotteries in Zambia.

Lotto Prize Money

There is no predetermined prize money that players can expect to win when playing Africa Millions lotto. The jackpot prize fluctuates depending on whether there was a previous winner in the past day/s or not. The longer the game goes for without any lotto winner, the higher the prize money for the lotto jackpot increases. While the jackpot prize only goes towards the player/s who will have managed to get all six numbers correct, players ought to know that they can win some consolation prizes if they fall short of the target by 1, 2 or 3 numbers.

Bonus and Promotional Perks

At the current moment, there are no bonuses and promotional perks which are being advertised specifically for the Africa Millions lotto. However, it will be great if the players keep constantly checking the site as the lotto might put something up for the benefit of the players.

Round Up

Africa Millions is a pretty simple game to understand and also to play. Players simply need to note that the objective when playing the game is to pick six possible winning numbers from a total of 90. If feeling lucky and the numbers turn out correct, then the player scoops an incredible jackpot prize.