Zambia Jackpot 6/38 Predictions

Jackpot 6/38 is one of the most popular products that come from the Zambian Lotto. As players can deduce from the title of the game, Jackpot 6/38 is a 6/38 game. In simple terms, what this means is that when playing the game, the objective is to pick six possible winning numbers from a total of 38 numbers. Getting all numbers correct is something to smile about as it means the player will have won the jackpot prize! To learn more about Jackpot 6/38 including the gameplay info and prize money, let’s get into the finer details.

How it Works

Jackpot 6/38 is the most popular lotto game from the Zambian Lotto – a leading lotto brand in Zambia. Jackpot 6/38 is played as a 6/38 game meaning the player has to pick 6 possible winning numbers when playing the game. If the player manages to get all of the numbers correct then the jackpot prize is won. Players also ought to know that when playing the game, the draw machine also picks one additional number to the standard six. This additional number is known as the bonus ball and if the player gets it correct, it further enhances the potential payout. Consolation prizes are awarded to players who fall short in getting all six numbers correct.

The process of depositing and starting the gameplay experience playing Jackpot 6/38 is as follows:

  • The MTN balance must be over K 7
  • Dial *303#
  • Select Zambian Lotto from the Lottery Menu shown
  • Confirm your age
  • To manually pick numbers, select your six numbers separating them by commas. Alternatively, use the Quick Pick Option to select all six numbers automatically
  • Confirm your numbers and receive a confirmation message with all ticket info

When the Draw is Held

The draw for the Jackpot 6/38 is conducted thrice a week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The draw is conducted at 21:30 hrs local Zambian time and it’s broadcasted live on ZNBC TV2.  

Lotto Prize Money

Jackpot 6/38 plays out in a rollover fashion. What this means is that the jackpot prize money if not won today will rollover into the following day. This cycle continues for as long as there is no jackpot winner. Owing to this format of the game, players ought to know that there is no predetermined jackpot prize money. However, they ought to know that they can expect to win a max of over K 100 000.00 as the jackpot prize. Consolation prizes are as follows:

  • 5 correct numbers + bonus ball: You win the 2nd prize starting from K 7000.00
  • 5 correct numbers: You win K 3,500.00
  • 4 correct numbers: You win K 175.00
  • 3 correct numbers: You win K 20.00

Bonus and Promotional Perks

There aren’t any bonuses and promotional perks for Jackpot 6/38.

Round Up

Jackpot 6/38 comes with simple gameplay rules and instructions. This makes it a great proposition to all types of players. Both pro players as well as beginner players with little to no gaming experience can enjoy the game.