Zambia Mega Jackpot Predictions

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The brand Zambian Lotto is very popular in Zambia. Its popularity largely stemming from the fact that it offers some exciting lotto games to all lotto fans in the country. One such lottery game is the Mega Jackpot game. the Mega Jackpot game is a 6/42 game meaning that when playing the game, players are more interested in picking six numbers out of a possible 42 for the chance to win the jackpot prize. To get to learn more about the Mega Jackpots, without wasting much time lets jump into the finer review details.

How it Works

Mega Jackpot is a 6/42 game played thrice a week. When playing the game, the player’s objective is to pick six possible winning numbers from a total of 42. Picking six correct numbers will see the player becoming the jackpot prize winner. To make the game even more enterprising, Zambian Lotto did incorporate the bonus ball concept. Players who get 5 or 6 numbers correct coupled with the bonus ball will see their payouts significantly increase. It’s important for all players to note that when playing the game, it’s not just the jackpot winner who gets to walk away with some prizes. Even those players who fall short of getting all six numbers correct by 1, 2 or 3 numbers will receive consolation prizes.

To purchase a Mega Jackpot ticket and start playing, players can do so via their MTN mobile money lines. The process to follow to purchase and participate in the game online is as follows:

  • Load the MTN mobile money account with at least K 7
  • Dial *303#
  • From the Lottery Menu shown, select Zambian Lotto service
  • Confirm your age
  • Enter your lotto numbers separated by commas with the bonus ball being the last number picked. It’s important for players to note that on this front, they can simply opt for the Quick Pick Option. With the Quick Pick Option, the number selections are automatically picked by the machine
  • Confirm your numbers and receive a confirmation message showing the draw number, date, ticket number and your number selection together with other necessary ticket information.

When the Draw is Held

The draw for the Mega Jackpot is conducted thrice a week every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The draws are conducted online at 21:30 hrs local Zambian time. Players can catch the draws live at ZNBC TV1. Those who miss the live draw can always check results on the official Zambian Lotto site.  

Lotto Prize Money

Mega Jackpot does not have predetermined jackpot prize money. This necessitated by the fact that the game uses the rollover format. When no winners are announced on the date of the draw, the jackpot amount is rolled over to the next draw date – as it does, the jackpot money is increased. This cycle continues for as long as there is no winner. Consolation prizes are available for players who get 5, 4 or even just 3 numbers correct. 

Bonus and Promotional Perks

There aren’t any bonuses and promotional perks for Mega Jackpot lotto.

Round Up

All Zambian players feeling lucky won’t go wrong when they play the Mega Jackpot lotto. The lotto comes with simple gameplay rules and instructions meaning that even those players with little to zero gaming experience can enjoy the game.