Zimbabwe Bonus Lotto Predictions

Bonus Lotto is arguably Zimbabwe’s most popular lotto game. Bonus Lotto is a gaming product from Africa Lotto, a giant in the gaming industry in Zimbabwe. Bonus Lotto has been in existence for quite some time now having first featured on the gaming scene all the way back in 2000. At its conception, it was known as Reward Lotto but has since been revamped into Bonus Lotto. Players eager to learn more about Bonus Lotto including its gameplay info and jackpot prize monies can do so when they continue reading this review.

How it Works

Bonus Lotto is played as a 6/42 game. What this simply means is that the objective when playing the game is to select six possible winning numbers from a total of 42. Getting all six numbers correct means that the player wins the jackpot amount. However, falling short by a few numbers is great as it means a consolation prize will come the player’s way. To ensure that the potential payouts are enhanced, Africa Lotto incorporated the bonus ball concept when designing Bonus Lotto. Getting the bonus ball correct in addition to other standard numbers will see the payout significantly increased.

To purchase the Bonus Lotto tickets, players have the freedom to either visit the Africa Lotto retailers available countrywide or to visit the Africa Lotto official website.  

When the Draw is Held

The draw for Bonus Lotto is conducted once every week on Saturday. The draw is broadcasted live on national television ZBC at 19:45 hrs local Zimbabwean time. Players who fail to catch the live draw can always visit the official site and check past results.

Lotto Prize Money

Bonus Lotto at the present moment operates as a pooled jackpot. What this means is that the jackpot prize is dependent on the number of tickets sold/bought. The higher the number of tickets sold, the higher the jackpot prize money. Owing to the pooled jackpot format used when it comes to Bonus Lotto, players ought to know that there is no predetermined jackpot prize money for jackpot winners. However, what’s guaranteed is that at every draw, there are six prize classes. These are as follows:

16Over $110 K
25 +1 bonus ballOver $2.5 K
44 + 1 bonus ball$150
63 + 1 bonus ball$15

Bonus and Promotional Perks

There aren’t any bonus and promotional perks being offered at the present moment for Bonus Lotto.

Round Up

Bonus Lotto has been a constant feature in the Zimbabwean gaming market for quite some time now since the early 2000s. The longevity of Bonus Lotto proves that it has been doing many things right hence the reason it is still a force to be reckoned with. Players looking to play Bonus Lotto ought to know that there is nothing to worry about as Africa Lotto is licensed by the gaming authorities in Zimbabwe.